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Stacy I am the owner and lead designer of Gozo Dog™ collars. Thank you for taking the time to browse our website. I would like to take a few minutes to introduce myself and explain my vision for Gozo Dog™.

I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2005, from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. I have been involved in various artistic endeavors over the years, and my work has ranged from painting to glass work to computer graphics design. In recent years, I have been employed as a graphic designer at an outdoor billboard company while also working as a freelance artist. The initiative to start Gozo Dog™ collars began one evening while I was playing with our two Siberian Huskies, Zoiey and Fairbanks. My husband had recently returned from a business trip and brought home a new collar for one of the dogs. I was impressed with the unique color scheme and mentioned that the local big box stores did not carry anything comparable. He had purchased the collar at an expensive boutique pet store in Southern California, and after discussing the lack of fairness in bringing only one dog a new collar, I decided to design and assemble my own collars. One year later, after countless trials and tribulations, I have my first batch of designs to share. As with any art, I expect that these designs will imprint on each person differently and I sincerely hope that you appreciate my efforts.

Our goal at Gozo Dog™ is to create unique graphics that can be applied to handcrafted collars in limited edition runs.

Warmest regards,
Stacy Schaffer-Helmer

Our Dogs

Zoiey How can one single animal bring so much fun and enjoyment to your daily life? How about having two four-legged friends to help occupy your free time? We are happy to have two Siberian Huskies as part of Gozo Dog™ family; an eleven-year old, blue-eyed girl named Zoiey and a four-year old, brown-eyed boy named Fairbanks. Fairbanks Zoiey has been a handful from day one. I brought her home while I was single and living on my own. I was still in art school at the time and working part time. As with any puppy, her energy exceeded my available time early on, and she acted out in many ways. A few of her memorable actions included breaking out of her crate in pursuit of various household items, chewing carpet & eating my mattress. In time, I learned how to keep her happy and comfortable at home and we’ve grown together over the years. We still call her the Great Houdini for her exploits, but she has aged wonderfully and is a happy, well-adjusted family pet. Zoiey enjoys chasing squirrels in our backyard and spending nights with us by the fire.

The Fairbanks addition: our male husky was a surprise graduation gift from my husband, and he has become a wonderful companion for Zoiey and a great addition to our “pack”. We have had no major mishaps with Fairbanks and he has very likely benefited from the experience we gained in training Zoiey. He’s a muscular and athletic dog with the personality of a pampered child. He is extremely affectionate, yet he is not afraid to speak his mind, if he does not like the plans you have made for him. Yes, he is quite the talker, and would likely fit in well with the wolves of the mountain West!

Zoiey and Fairbanks at the beach