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The best way to find the proper size collar is to get an actual measurement.Sizing your dog for a comfortable fitting collar should be a bonding experience, not a wrestling match.

The following steps will give you a fair shot at getting your dog to cooperate with this fashion exercise...

Equipment: Dog, Flexible tape measure and lots of Puppy Treats

1. Have your dog sit
2. Give puppy a treat for sitting
3. Measure the circumference of your dogs neck with flexible tape measure
4. Puppy Treat for being good, not you the dog.

If pet neck circumference falls in between 19” – 27” we suggest the Large Gozo Dog™ Collar 1” wide.

Large Gozo Dog™ collar
1” wide
27” longest point
19” shortest point
(Includes buckle)

If neck circumference fall in between 14” – 20” we suggest the Medium Gozo Dog™ Collar 3/ 4” wide.

Medium Gozo Dog™ collar
3/4” wide
20” longest point
14” shortest point
(Includes buckle)
If neck circumference fall in between 10” – 13” we suggest the Small Gozo Dog™ Collar 3/ 4” wide.

Small Gozo Dog ™ Collar 3/4” wide
13” longest point
10” shortest point
(Includes buckle)

Things to consider

  • A comfortable fit for your dog should provide enough room for you to place two fingers under the collar.
  • If your pet is still growing we suggest going to a bigger size.

If you feel the sizing of Gozo Dog™ collars do not accurately fit your pet, please contact Gozo Dog™ for custom sizing, we are happy to help fit any pup.

Gozo Dog™ collars are made with flat nylon webbing on which the design material is sewn.

The flat nylon webbing we use is –

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 4200 lbs tensile strength
  • Flexible and has a comfortable fitting
  • Strong and durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
Design Fabric Our designs are printed on a linen-cotton canvas material. This material allows us to print unique designs in limited print runs. The linen-cotton canvas is printed using digital textile printers, which are large-format ink jet printers specially modified to run fabric. Unlike conventional textile manufacturing, digital printing entails very little waste of fabric, ink, water or electricity. Our supplier uses eco-friendly, water-based pigment inks on natural fiber textiles. No additional chemicals are used in the printing or preparation process. Digital textile printing has the added advantages of showing greater design detail than screen-printing, as well as allowing designers the ability to use as many colors as they like in their designs.

The linen-cotton canvas we use is -
  • A sophisticated lightweight canvas woven from 55% linen and 45% combed cotton
  • Natural white
  • Estimated shrinkage minimal
  • Machine wash cool using phosphate-free detergent
  • Printed in the United States

All stress points around hardware are double reinforced with polypropylene Nylon thread. The side release buckle is made from Acetal & Nylon; strong, durable and lightweight. We use nickel-plated trigger snap hooks on our leashes and zinc die casted d rings on our collars. Head designer and owner Stacy Schaffer-Helmer inspects & and assembles all components and sews each Gozo Dog™ collar in her studio. We pride ourselves on attention to detail at Gozo Dog™ and understand the importance of safety and durability to each dog and its owner(s). While Gozo Dog™ collars are handcrafted and durable, we suggest that every responsible pet owner should periodically check for signs of wear. We cannot guarantee our collars against excessive pulling, chewing, scratching and wagging. Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of our product for their individual situation. Consumers accept all responsibility for the use of Gozo Dog™ collars on their pets, when purchasing and utilizing Gozo Dog™ Products.

We specialize in graphically enhanced designer dog collars and we construct our collars to stand the test of time. Please remember that dogs enjoy playing outdoors and may roll in dirt and other organic matter we don’t care to discuss. Therefore regular cleaning of your Gozo Dog™ collar is essential. To clean Gozo Dog™ collars, hand wash with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Lay flat until dry. You can extend the life of your Gozo Dog™ collar with regular cleaning.

Printed material may fade or slightly fray with extended wear and/or washing. Fraying may be trimmed with scissors. Frayed nylon webbing may be mended by running edges over an open flame. Stitching on all Gozo Dog™ collars is double reinforced with polypropylene Nylon thread. If Gozo Dog™ collar is defective or stitching begins to tear or unravel within six months of purchase, you may return the Gozo Dog™ collar for repair or replacement. There may be repair and/or shipping charges for excessive wear or damage. Please contact Gozo Dog™ immediately regarding a defective collar.

Please remember to check your dog’s collar frequently for proper fit, and always attach a name tag or other identification, to your dog’s collar. In the event your dog gets lost, you and your dog will appreciate the durability of a Gozo Dog™ collar and ID.