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I am always looking at shapes, and patterns for inspiration. Something may catch my eye in a catalog, a fabric, an art gallery or the natural world. I find simple pleasures in creating unique shapes and colors that somehow interact to create something beautiful. In creating art work for Gozo Dog™ collars, I select a palette of colors and work with paper and pencil to draw shapes and figures. I then use my computer (yes, it’s a Macintosh) to augment and improve upon my initial renderings. In utilizing filters and altering brush strokes, I can work with simple structures like circles and squares to create something pure and original.

Our dogs stand out in a crowd with their Gozo Dog™ collars and they seem happier for the extra attention they get! I hope you find a design that looks great on your canine.


Making the collar Gozo Dog™ collars are handcrafted in my home studio, located in Ferndale, Michigan. The design material will withstand outdoor conditions and remain bright & colorful, even after extended use. We assemble the components by hand and sew together each collar, paying close attention to the craftsmanship and detail work. We think you’ll agree that our collars look great and are built to stand the test of time.

Making the collar We use only the highest quality materials at Gozo Dog™ and all of our suppliers are located within the United States. Gozo Dog™ is committed to sourcing from local suppliers whenever possible and we can attest that our collars have never spent time on an ocean-going freighter. Gozo Dog™ is an artist’s company and we know our customers will appreciate the sturdy construction and attention to detail on Gozo Dog™ collars.

Limited Print Quantity at Gozo Dog™?

Dogs have unique personalities and we believe you should have the opportunity to own a collar as unique as your pet. We believe in good functional design, but too much of a good thing can destroy the integrity of good design. We will release a handful of distinct designs each season and print a limited run of each design.

Quantities may vary by season, but you can be assured that your Gozo Dog™ collar is an original creation and unique in its own way.

“I paint with shapes”
- Alexander Calder